Sunday, 9 December 2012

A Descriptive Overview about Ultrasound Technician and Ultrasound Technician Salary


After passing my class-12 board examination I was very much confused about what to do next and after much consideration I decided to start my career as an Ultrasound Technician. The main job of an ultrasound technician is to create photographs of internal organs or body parts of the patients.


To become an ultrasound technician, I need a bachelor’s degree and have ultrasound or sonography as my main topic. There are many training centers and among them associate degree certificate program is the best. This is mainly a 2 year degree course. The quality I should also have to become a successful ultrasound technician is good communication skill, attentive, active, good vision, close contact with the patients etc.


The process of this ultrasound test is very complex. A transducer is placed on the proper position of the patient’s body to get the best result. The emitted sound waves from the transducer are then transmitted to the computer and photographs are taken out. After I satisfy with the pictures, I will pass it to the doctor.

Daily Routine

 My daily routine as an Ultrasound Tech is very hard and need so much patience. The day begins with consulting with the nursing stuffs about the case history of the patients and then I should check the equipments properly.  After that the tests will start. I need to be very attentive throughout the day and also help the patients in solving their problems.


It is mainly used to examine the internal body parts or organs of the patients which we can’t see in naked eyes. The most common use of the sonography is to check pregnancy. The growth rate of the fetus can be checked by using this process. It is also used to check the circulation of blood flow, rate of heart beat etc.


An ultrasound technician salary ranges from $40,000 to $85,000 in a year But the local economic status will affect the ultrasound technician salary. There are also many various factors which can affect the ultrasound technician salary like the place of training, qualification, location, experience etc. I think I can manage a healthy life style for me and my family with this salary. Moreover the demand of an ultrasound technician is increasing day by day and from the year 2008 to 2018 the rate is increased by 20 percent. I think this job is very satisfying for me and I can help the people to a certain extent.